Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Your Past is Calling, Hang Up!

I used to wallow in the past. I would actually drive in the car and get lost in it. Sometimes I would miss my exit thinking about bad choices I had made or people that had wronged me in the past. I had a virtual file that I would scroll through constantly and think about. It got me no where, it didn't help me and it made me upset and sad. How crazy is that???
Then one day I realized that I was wasting my life thinking about stupid things that I couldn't change. I was not present in my my life! I was not in the moment enjoying my life. My past was actually messing up my present and my future. It was a bad habit that took me a long time to break. But I have. Here is what I learned.
  1. When your past calls, hang up! It has nothing new to say!
  2. Life lessons are important for growth. Some of my most painful growth moments made me into who I am today, and I am proud of her!
  3. Each day is a new start and a new day. It is up to you to decide today how tomorrow looks.
  4. You can become whomever you want to become.
Take your past and use it to your advantage. Learn from it. Use it to make yourself stronger. Use it to believe in what you can accomplish. Now go crush your goals and let's GROW!
Go get 'em network marketers!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Use Social Media as a Tool, Not a Crutch

We are lucky in this day and age. We have technology at our fingertips. We have text, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more. Getting in touch has never been easier.
I love technology. I love what it has done for our business of network marketing. But, are you hiding behind technology? Network marketing is a PEOPLE business. It is a face to face, talk on the phone kind of thing. Our business has been around for over 100 years. This was way before the internet. People actually had to talk to one another. The same is still true today. To get your point across, to connect with people, to help someone, you must talk to her.
So what is your reason for hiding behind social media? I hid behind text and Facebook messenger for years. I was afraid of rejection and hearing the word no. Well, let me get blunt here. In our business, we are going to hear rejection 90% of the time. That is a lot. You can lessen that rejection of being ignored or getting snarky texts, by calling people and talking to them face to face. They may not say yes, but the sting will be less. You will be genuine. People appreciate that.
As one of my upline leaders says, "Pick up the damn phone!" She is right. Go make those connections, build relationships and do it in a personal way with in person conversations or on the phone. You will see your business soar.
Go get 'em network marketers!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Objection Connection: "I don't have the money to join you in business."

The topic of today's objection is, "I can't join you in business because I don't have the money." This is a common one we get in our line of work. Let's explore how to diffuse it.
(And scene...)
Marty: "Thanks Rachael, but I am a single dad and I am just trying to make ends meet. I don't have the savings to put down on a kit."
Me: "Gosh I am so sorry to hear that money is tight right now. What's going on?
Marty: "Well, since my divorce, I am scraping by. I work all time just to make ends meet."
Me: "Let's dream a minute. If you had enough money, what would you wish you could spend it on?"
Marty: "Well, I would love to take the kids to Disney. They have never been."
Me: "Marty, if I could show you ways to find the money for your kit, and money was no longer a concern to get started, and the possibility of paying for Disney became possible, would you want to hear more?"
Marty: "Rachael, I just don't think that it is possible. I am stretched so thin."
Me: "Marty, isn't the real question here, in your opinion, as to whether or not you will get more out of your investment than you put in?"
Marty: "Well yes. What if I lose my shirt in all of this."
Me: "If I could show you how you could pay for your kit, as well as make your money back fast, would you be open to hearing more?"
Marty:"Ok. I would be open."
Me: "Let's make a list right now with ways to pay for this. Then I will show you a quick video from my company to give you an overview of this business. How does that sound?"
Marty:"Ok, let's brainstorm."
Have you noticed that people have the money for things they really want and find valuable? At this moment Marty, while he could be right he doesn't have the money, doesn't find the business valuable enough to come up with the cash. It is your job to help him see that he can make back his investment. Show him how he can do that. Show him what is possible.
So what are ways that Marty can make extra cash? Here are some ideas: a garage sale, Ebay of items, Craigslist, borrow money from a family member or a friend or do a small part time job. I am sure you can come up with even more ideas.
So go give the gift of network marketing to everyone you know!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Resilient Optimism: Decide Today How tomorrow Looks

We have all been there. We hear no, no, and more no. But every once in a while we get a yes! That is how the cycle goes. No, no, no, no, no, yes! It is like a roller coaster ride. It is hard to feel in control isn't it? It is easy to get down and think of quitting your business or just giving up.
I was listening to a leader in my company, who is at the top, talk about resilient optimism today. It really resonated with me. Resilient. The definition of resilient is:
(of a substance or object) able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed. (of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.
Isn't that what we do on a daily basis with network marketing when we experience rejection? Absolutely!
Now put optimism with that and you really have a winning phrase! Resilient optimism is when we stay positive in the face of negative events, outcomes or adversity. It is a belief that you can and will achieve and won't give up. I love this!
Your mindset decides how your future is going to look. Your resilient optimism keeps you positive and on track. It makes you stay the course and see your dreams through even when it gets tough. It helps you discipline those disappointments. It helps you know in your heart that you are working hard and that you are going to reap the reward. Now that is powerful thinking.
Take a moment. Reflect. Are you a resilient optimist? If not, become one! Decide today, how tomorrow will look.
Go get 'em network marketers!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Objection Connection: I Can't Join You in Business, I Don't Have Many Friends

In this edition of The Objection Connection, let's talk about the common objection of: "I don't have many friends."
I have gotten this one before and I bet you have too. So what should you do? Here are some ideas.
And scene.... (sorry, life always seems like a play or musical to me! Ha Ha!)
Me: "So Judy, would you ever be interested in a side project if it didn't interfere with what you are currently doing?"
Judy: You mean work with you in xxx company? No way! I don't know anybody. You know everyone. It's a great fit for you, but not for me.
Me: Why do you say that Judy?
Judy: Well, I mean, I hang out with a couple of ladies, nut I don't know many people.
Me: What do you think you would have to do with this business?
Judy: It's selling something to people. I don't know anyone to sell it to. I could never make any money at it. I would be terrible.
Me: Ok, I hear you. You don't feel like you know anyone to share this with. If I could show you a way to uncover lots more people to to talk to would you be interested in hearing more?
Judy: Maybe. I could use some extra money for vacation right now.
Me: Ok. What I think I am hearing you say is that if I can show you how to uncover your network, which would help you make some extra money for vacation, you would be interested in learning more?
Judy: Yes.
Me: Are you serious about this?
Judy: Yes. Send me some information.
Me: Great. I will . Now how are the kids?
Judy is still hesitant about the business, but is open to hearing more. This is a great start! I repeated back what Judy was saying to me so that she would hear her own words. She convinced herself to hear more, not the other way around. We are not in the convincing business, but the sharing business.
Notice how I changed the subject and began to talk about something else. Make a deliberate break in the conversation so that she doesn't feel cornered and talk about another topic.
Later, I would send her information and set up a time to follow up.
So let's kick this objection to the curb!
I hope this helps you this week!
Go get 'em network marketers!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Objection Connection: I don't want to join you in business because your products are to expensive.

Objections. They are a given in this business. We need to be prepared to handle them and to expect them. Let's talk about what to say when the prospect believes that the products are too expensive to sell and that she won't make any money.
When objections like this happen, my mantra is to stay calm and to keep my power. Replying with simple questions back, with out being defensive, can diffuse the situation and get to the root of what the person hidden objection really is. Sometimes the person is just a jerk, and you have to be ready for those situations too.
So here is some language that you could use when a prospect thinks the products are too expensive.
And scene..... (LOL)
Sally: "Rachael, these products are over priced."
Me: "Ok. I know you have a reason you are saying this. So, why do you think the products are over priced?"
Sally: "Well, who is going to pay that for xxx?"
Me: "Ok. I know you have a reason for thinking this way. Why do you think this?"
Then, let her give you her answer. Then say, "Ok. I hear what you are saying.
And then say, "So, besides this sticking point, aren't you the least bit curious how you could make more money than you would be investing? In your opinion, if I could show you how to make back your investment fast and make money, would you be interested in hearing more?"
Sally: "Why yes, I would."
And there is an example of how to turn a no into a maybe, or even a yes!
Give it a try networkers. Go get 'em and close those prospects!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How To Close Prospects

You are in a coffee shop and you have a hot prospect. "It's a ground floor opportunity", you say. "Let me tell you every last detail about my company and what it can do for you! I am so excited about this opportunity, it changed my life!" Blah, blah, blah. The prospect's eyes begin to glaze over and she is trying to figure out a way to leave this meeting and not hurt your feelings. She is overwhelmed and has made up her mind. This is not for her.
Why isn't this what the prospect needs to hear? She needs to be educated, right? She needs to know what an amazing company and opportunity she has stumbled upon, right? Well, that's what I thought too. But don't worry, with a simple tweak, you can close more people and help them fulfill their needs.
So what should you do? First ask her, "Jane, why are you checking this business out?" Now, IT'S TIME TO BE QUIET AND LISTEN! Listen? Yes! Listen! You need to find out WHY your prospect is checking you and  your opportunity out. Why is she interested in the business in the first place? What need is this filling for her? How can your opportunity help her? What is her urgency at this moment?
Once you find out this information, repeat it back to her and validate what she has said. "So what you are saying is, this business could really help you with....". "What I hear you saying is you are really in need of.....and this business could help you achieve that."
When the prospect answers yes in agreement, you have discovered her why. Now it is time to show her how you can help her achieve what she is seeking. As you share more information, keep it brief. Use third party validation like a company video, or website. Let her connect the dots, don't do it for her. Let her ask questions. Let her come to her own conclusions. Don't talk about yourself. Keep it about her and keep it simple.
We are not in the convincing business. We are in the sharing business. It is up to the prospect to make up her own mind. I promise you, if you listen more, and talk less, you will close more business partners.
Go get 'em network marketers!