Thursday, January 28, 2016

Entrepreneurs and Working Hard and What People Perceive

She was an "overnight success!" She "got lucky." Really? I saw this video about the life cycle of an entrepreneur and what really goes into it. People see the end result and don't realize how much work goes into getting where we want to go! Let's do this!


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Verbal Vomit is a No, No!

Have you heard the term “verbal vomit”? It is a used in network marketing to describe a person who will not stop sharing her business with someone. For example, Jane has just joined xyz company. She is so excited. It is all she thinks about and talks about.  She is so pumped that she tells you about her new business and the limitless possibilities. She talks, and talks and talks, incessantly, without noticing that your eyes are glazing over. Cue hook from stage left to get rid of Jane.
We have all been there, myself included. You see the possibility your company can provide and you want to share it. You really want  others to see it too. Then you verbally vomit on them and the prospects wish they were stuck in traffic over listening to this sales presentation.
What is the best way to go about sharing this with people with out turning them off? My general rule of thumb is to create relationships with people. Get to know the person and ask questions, even if it is the first time you have met her. What is she all about? Does she have a problem that your opportunity or products can solve? How can you help? People aren’t stupid and know when they are being sold.
After you have talked for bit Jane may ask you what you do. But if she doesn’t,  elegantly drop your business into conversation and wait and see if she is intrigued and asks more questions.
When the subject of your business finally does come up, have a well crafted elevator speech. I usually say something like, “Well Jane, I have an at home business and I mentor other women and help them have at home businesses too.” Be direct and to the point and be true to you and what you stand for.
When the prospect inquires about what you do, then you can respond with a very brief over view. If she would like to hear more, then schedule a call, meeting or an email follow up for more information. Keep it short, sweet and to the point. Stay confident and postured.
But please, please, please, don’t verbally vomit on someone! It won’t get you anywhere.
I wish you success in your business!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Snow Days with Your Kids and Maximizing Your Business

In the news this week is the prediction of a storm that could blanket the east coast. We have hardly had a flake this winter and the weather has been balmy. It has been very bizarre. The thought of any accumulation makes my children giggle and chortle with glee. For me? Not so much. I don't know about you, but the thought of being stuck in the house with my kids, while fun for a while, gives me anxiety. Pass the wine please.

When it comes to entertaining children and being stuck inside, which can be a challenge, snow days really are a boon for our network marketing businesses. Why? Rachael, are you crazy? Well, yes, I am, and my husband would confirm that, BUT, think about what everyone else is doing on a snow day! NOTHING! They are cooped up their houses bored, watching TV and checking the internet. They are also HOME. 

Why not maximize this opportunity! Here you have a captive audience who is searching for something to do and be interested in. Fill that void for them by putting up fun and engaging posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Conduct a virtual business opportunity meeting with Periscope and invite people to attend virtually for that snowy evening. This is also a great time to use spare moments to make phone calls. Is there someone you have been playing phone tag with? Is there someone you never have time to call because your schedules don't match up? They match up today!

So let's make snowy lemonade out those snow day lemons. Leverage your business and have fun with your kids.  

And you know what? You are an angel because you are a mom doing her very best. This is true today and every day. Remember that! Now go make a snow angel. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Here's How To Talk About Your Business Without Bugging Your Family and Friends

Congratulations! You have joined a network marketing company. A common problem many newbies experience when they start is that they don’t want to bug their friends and family with their new business venture. This is very understandable, but an objection that is easy to remedy. So how do you avoid this? One common mistake that newbies make when they first get started is they “verbally vomit” on anyone who comes into their path. The opportunity and the products they offer dominate their conversations with people. Thiworrieds can become tiresome, annoying and just rude. When having conversations with others, carefully and thoughtfully insert your new company into the conversation. When people hear your excitement in your newest venture, many will want to hear more. Read their body language and listen to what they say. Are they interested in learning more? If they are, great. Get their contact information and set a date and time to discuss your company and services further. The worst thing you can do is corner someone at a party and talk her ear off. I actually know someone who was corned in a coat closet while someone was “sharing” her opportunity! What was this woman thinking? She certainly was not going to get a new client or consultant this way. This person wanted to run away but couldn’t!
Some people will not be interested in your company and its opportunity. Don’t take it personally. Remember, many people who say “no” are really telling you “not right now”. It can take between 8-12 touches before a person buys or joins your team.
Here are some ideas on how to spread the word you are now open for business in a non threatening way.
  1. Post a facebook announcement about your big news! You have signed up as a consultant and you are so excited! Put a link to your website for friends and family to find out more.
  2. Host a business launch. You are officially open for business. Just like a brick and mortar store, have a grand opening introducing you, your business and the products or services you offer. Invite people to your home and launch yourself. Invite your sponsor to come help you with details and educating your guests. Ask her to help you get off to a good start. Keep the launch simple and to the point. Avoid too much food and drink. Keep people focused on the task at hand which is getting educated on your new business. Follow up with people who attended and with people who couldn’t come so that you can continue to spread the word and find customers and consultants.
Network marketing is about building genuine relationships with people and providing them information. You are not bugging anyone. You are simply looking for people who are looking for you. In order to do that, you must share your excitement and your company! Let your friends and family know what you are up to and see who is interested in what you have to offer. It is that simple.

How to Set Goals for Your Business in 2016

Happy New Year! It's a great time of year because it is the time for planning and goal setting for your network marketing business. Does this seem overwhelming? It is easy when you break down your goals into small chunks. Here's how.
  1. Write down where you would like to see you business in 2016. Do you have a specific sales target, recruiting numbers or incentive you would like to achieve?
  2. Next break it up into monthly goals. What do you have to do each month to achieve your long term goal?goals
  3. Now break it up week by week. How many reach outs do you need to do each week? What is your target number for phone calls, one on one meetings or three way calls?
  4. And finally, break it down into daily goals. What needs to be accomplished each day to get there?
Does this seem a little easier? I think so. It makes the large goal not so overwhelming and attainable.
So hop to it network marketers!
I wish you success in your business!
Rachael Gorbutt

Busy Moms and the Beauty of Network Marketing

I came upon this quote while reading a Forbes Magazine article. “It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” Henry David Thoreau This is worth pondering when looking at our network marketing businesses. Let’s compare two busy, amazing moms, Mary and Suzy.

Mary has three kids and, rightfully so, she is super busy. She is shuttling kids to activities, checking her Facebook for a few minutes that turns into 30, volunteering at the elementary school, planning activities for the girl scout troop, food shopping and doing laundry. As an escape, because she is so spent at the end of the day, she watches her favorite reality TV shows after the kids go to bed. Weekends are filled with soccer games, barbecues with friends and corporate dinners with her husband. Life is full and it is busy.
Mary has a masters degree in international business and misses having something of her own. To fill this hole, she has joined a network marketing company. She is very frustrated because her business isn’t taking off at all. She is exhausted from her jam packed life and doesn’t have a moment to spare. “How do other women do this business?”, she wonders.
Now meet Suzy. Suzy is just like Mary. She too has joined a network marketing company and has a masters. She is a mom of 3 and does the same things Mary does, EXCEPT, while she is shuttling her kids to activities, she is on the phone with prospects and doing three way calls with her downline. She limits her time on Facebook with a timer and uses it primarily for business purposes. While she is folding laundry,
she is on the phone with prospects. She cuts out reality TV after the kids go to bed so that she can work on her business, and while she is at soccer games, food shopping, volunteering, leading the girls scouts and at corporate dinners, she makes new friends and strengthens relationships to add to her list. Her life is full and busy and she is earning a nice paycheck with her network marketing company. She is going to be able to pay for a family trip to Disney. She feels fulfilled and like she has something of her own.
When you compare Mary and Suzy one can see that they are both amazing moms raising their kids. Unfortunately, Mary is unable to find the time for her business and Suzy does. Why? Suzy has figured out that her network marketing “office” is where ever she happens to be. In reality, Suzy is not any less busy than Mary, she is just fitting in her network marketing business into her busy life. Suzy is working smarter. Mary can too!
I think Thoreau was on to something. We are all busy. As moms, we are all scheduled to the max. Have you considered the nooks and crannies of your time and what you can do with them? What are YOU busy about?
I wish you success in your business!
Rachael Gorbutt