Saturday, February 6, 2016

Don't Become a Secret Agent in Your Business

Let's talk about your business and you. I am going to ask you a question and I want you to answer it honestly. When it comes to your network marketing business, do you share freely, or are you a secret agent and feel shy to share? So what was your answer? Sharer, or secret agent?secretagent
If you answered yes to being a secret agent, then no one knows what you do! What is holding you back from having the business of your dreams? Let's delve into some common reasons why.
  1. Fear of not being liked. This is a tough one to admit. Are you afraid people won't like you if they hear about your decision to join your company? The tougher question is why? Why would people not like you? And if they decide they don't because of this business, then were they good friends in the first place? Stick to your guns and believe in yourself and the decision to pursue your network marketing opportunity.
  2. Fear of failure. Are you worried that you are going to fail? The only people that fail at this are people who quit and people who don't open their mouths. Your company should have training and mentors for you to access. Follow what they say, follow the system and work hard. You will be surprised what happens!
  3. Fear of success. Are you afraid of what will happen if you succeed? Why? How would you like to see your life in 5 years? Network marketing can be a vehicle to get you there! When you get to the top, the reward will be so sweet.
  4. Fear of rejection. Are you worried people are going to say no to you? Well, many are! But you are looking for the ones who will say YES. Every no brings you closer to yes. Just because someone says no, it does not mean they are rejecting you. They are rejecting what you offered them. Many times people change their minds! You would be surprised.
Let's get down to it. Why did you join your company? There must have been a pressing reason. Was it to have more time with family, or to start a side income to leave that job you hate? Was it to start a next egg or pay for college? Was it to help with the bills? What was your why?
Ponder this. When you make a decision to purchase a car, do you ask for the approval of friends and family? No! Are your friends and family paying your bills or saving money for you? No! So why are you putting so much importance on their acceptance of your business and your decision to do it?
99% of this business is between your ears. What you tell yourself is very important. Be proud of your business, be confident, and be postured. It goes a long way and people will sense it. So take off your secret agent glasses and hat and go get 'em!

I wish you success in your business.
Rachael Gorbutt