Sunday, August 7, 2016

Use Social Media as a Tool, Not a Crutch

We are lucky in this day and age. We have technology at our fingertips. We have text, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more. Getting in touch has never been easier.
I love technology. I love what it has done for our business of network marketing. But, are you hiding behind technology? Network marketing is a PEOPLE business. It is a face to face, talk on the phone kind of thing. Our business has been around for over 100 years. This was way before the internet. People actually had to talk to one another. The same is still true today. To get your point across, to connect with people, to help someone, you must talk to her.
So what is your reason for hiding behind social media? I hid behind text and Facebook messenger for years. I was afraid of rejection and hearing the word no. Well, let me get blunt here. In our business, we are going to hear rejection 90% of the time. That is a lot. You can lessen that rejection of being ignored or getting snarky texts, by calling people and talking to them face to face. They may not say yes, but the sting will be less. You will be genuine. People appreciate that.
As one of my upline leaders says, "Pick up the damn phone!" She is right. Go make those connections, build relationships and do it in a personal way with in person conversations or on the phone. You will see your business soar.
Go get 'em network marketers!

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