Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Objection Connection: I don't want to join you in business because your products are to expensive.

Objections. They are a given in this business. We need to be prepared to handle them and to expect them. Let's talk about what to say when the prospect believes that the products are too expensive to sell and that she won't make any money.
When objections like this happen, my mantra is to stay calm and to keep my power. Replying with simple questions back, with out being defensive, can diffuse the situation and get to the root of what the person hidden objection really is. Sometimes the person is just a jerk, and you have to be ready for those situations too.
So here is some language that you could use when a prospect thinks the products are too expensive.
And scene..... (LOL)
Sally: "Rachael, these products are over priced."
Me: "Ok. I know you have a reason you are saying this. So, why do you think the products are over priced?"
Sally: "Well, who is going to pay that for xxx?"
Me: "Ok. I know you have a reason for thinking this way. Why do you think this?"
Then, let her give you her answer. Then say, "Ok. I hear what you are saying.
And then say, "So, besides this sticking point, aren't you the least bit curious how you could make more money than you would be investing? In your opinion, if I could show you how to make back your investment fast and make money, would you be interested in hearing more?"
Sally: "Why yes, I would."
And there is an example of how to turn a no into a maybe, or even a yes!
Give it a try networkers. Go get 'em and close those prospects!

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